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Head To Head Comparison Between Fire TV Stick And Fire TV

15 Street, New York, New York, 10012 Wednesday, April 27, 2022 until Friday, December 30, 2022 Organized by: helpforfiretvstick (Contact)
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Both Fire TV and Fire TV stick are rolled out by Amazon in 2014, have single purpose to provide streaming content to their users hassle-free. Without using streaming device, life seems to be half; therefore, it has been necessary to use steaming devices at home to get fun and entertainment. If you are on the way to buy streaming device, you seem to be stuck which one to buy or not, taking your issue into consideration, all the required information have been included in this post that will provide you better understanding about differences and similarities of these two devices. While doing head to head comparison of two devices, there are a few of the points need to be kept in mind, including technical specs, physical attributes, price, and many other factors. If you but either Fire TV or Fire TV Stick in case you are facing any kind of issue with it then feel free to get in touch with amazon fire stick phone number to resolve your issue easily.

Physical Attributes Of Fire TV And Fire TV Stick:-

The appearance of device is one of the most important aspects which strike to the mind of the buyers. The Fire TV is very similar to the set-top box and comes in square which can be connected by Ethernet cable. The Fire TV which belongs to 3rd generation, they were built-in pendent like with HDMI cable. While the Fire TV Stick is small in size which is rectangular and cannot be connected with either net cable, rather connects with Wi-Fi network which can be connected to the TV using HDMI port of it. In order to provide power to the Fire TV Stick, one can use USB cable, micro USB end can be inserted into Fire Stick or USB end to the adapter. If you are looking forward to having cable free streaming media content, Fire TV Stick has outshone Fire TV.  

Storage And Memory Of Fire TV Stick And Fire TV:-

Both Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are enabled with 8 GB of storage, while Fire TV cubes are incorporated with 16 GB space. Fire TV and Fire TV cubes are embedded with 2 GB RAM, while Fire TV Sticks’ ranges are available from 1 GB to 1.5 GB. Because of the low RAM sometimes users have to face fire stick freezing issue, if you are one of them and you need best assistance then click on the given link to fix it.

Alexa Voice Remote:-

Alexa voice remote is one of the most prominent features of Fire TV, Fire TV cube, and Fire TV stick, which is preferred by its users a lot. The models of Fire TV and Fire TV Stick which are not supported by Alexa are given below.

  • Amazon Fire TV Stick of 1st Gen 2014.
  • Amazon Fire TV of 1st Gen 2014
  • The basic edition which was rolled out in 2017.

Network Connectivity Of Fire TV And Fire TV Stick:-

Both Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are supported by wired or Wi-Fi connectivity. But the Fire TV which belongs to 3rd Gen can be connected by Ethernet port. If you want to connect your Fire TV Stick with Ethernet, you will need to use Amazon Ethernet adapter and its cost will be $20 separately. For the users of the Fire TV cubes, no need to buy an Ethernet adapter separately because it is enabled with an Ethernet port. In order to get good internet speed, the Ethernet connection seems to be more reliable than Wi-Fi. If you are on the way to buy 4K Fire Stick or Fire TV Stick 4K Max to stream Ultra High Definition content, you should think of buying an Ethernet adapter.

Operating System (OS):-

Both Fire Sticks and set top boxes are on the based on Android that is why one can install Android Apps on Fire TV and Fire TV Stick as well. Operating system is available in three versions: Fire OS 5, Fire OS 6 or Fire OS 7. But, Fire OS 5 is supportable android 5.1 while Fire OS 6, 7 are based on Android 7.1.

Price And Availability Of Fire TV And Fire TV Stick:- 

The Fire TV of Amazon seems to be obsolete device which is no longer sold by Amazon. The last version of Fire TV was rolled out by Amazon in 2017 but later on it has been discontinued. At present, all the models of Fire TV seem to be unavailable. If you want to purchase Fire TV, you can purchase refurbished model of it via using third party such as Best Buy. While the price of the Fire TV stick depends upon the version of the Fire TV stick which varies from device to device. The Fire TV Stick Lite is available at the lowest price $ 29.99. One of the most expensive devices of the Amazon is Fire Stick 4 K Max which can be bought in $ 54.99.

Here Is A Price Of The Fire TV Stick:-

  • Fire TV Stick Lite 1st Gen- rolled out in 2020 $29.99
  • Fire TV Stick 2nd Gen rolled out in (2016-2019) $34.99-$39.99.
  • Fire TV Stick 3rd Gen rolled out in 2017 $39.99
  • Fire TV Stick rolled out in 2017 $49.99.
  • Fire TV Stick 4k of 1st Gen rolled out in 2018 $49.99.
  • Fire TV Stick 4K Max of 1st Gen rolled out in 2021 $54.99.

Make sure these are the prices which are available on the official website of the Amazon if you use third party, the prices will be higher. By of way going through this comparison, one can easily decide between Fire TV Stick and Stick TV that can help its buyer to buy one of the most convenient one

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