Welcome to Shindigg.com. Shindigg is a website that allows anybody to create an event, publish it online and start selling tickets immediately. Planning events is challenging - we aim to make it easy to create, manage and promote your event online no matter if you're a first time event organizer, seasoned pro or somewhere in between.

Work on Shindigg originally started in 2007 by software architect and event producer Brenton Webster (who now serves as Shindigg's CEO). Every day we leverage our deep experience in producing our own large scale, successful events to continually improve Shindigg, building it into the ultimate tool to help all event organizers, big or small, throw successful events.

We're based in Kirkland, Washington, and have customers around the globe running their events on Shindigg every day.


Brenton Webster

Brenton Webster

CEO & Founder

Brenton has over 14 years' experience in the technology industry and over 8 years running an event production company, where he has produced some of the largest events in Seattle.

Prior to starting Shindigg, Brenton worked as a architect for Microsoft where he helped large companies around the world architect and build high-profile, high-scale projects across a variety of industries including financial services, automotive and telecommunications. Brenton studied Computer Science at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia where he was awarded the University Medal. In 2000, Brenton moved from Sydney to Seattle where he's now based.

Brenton produced his first big event in 2005 when a black tie birthday party with a couple of friends grew from an invitation list of 80 people to over 400 in just a month. 250 people showed up for that event. What started as a birthday party morphed into an event production company that now produces an average of 4 large events per year with up to 2000 attendees per event.

Brenton's combination of technical and business background combined with in-depth experience acquired by producing his own events gives him unique insight into the needs of event producers. He is continually leveraging his event production experience to improve Shindigg with the goal of making it the ultimate resource for people to create, manage and promote their events online.

In his spare time Brenton enjoys CrossFit, traveling, snowboarding, running and the occasional nice bottle of red.


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