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The task of writing an essay

New York
New York, New York City, New York, United States, NY - New York, 10001
Tuesday, August 22, 2023 until Thursday, August 22, 2024 Organized by: Robert Edwards (Contact)


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The task of writing an essay often comes with the temptation to delay the process. However, succumbing to this temptation can lead to a host of negative consequences that impact both the quality of your work and your overall academic performance. Here are the top 7 compelling reasons why you should resist the urge to procrastinate when it comes to writing your essay:

1. Thorough Research: Delaying essay writing limits your time for in-depth research. Conducting thorough research is vital for developing well-informed arguments and presenting a comprehensive understanding of the topic.

2. Improved Quality: Rushing through the writing process can result in a superficial and hastily crafted essay. Allowing ample time enables you to refine your arguments, enhance the logical flow of ideas, and polish your writing for superior quality.

3. Critical Thinking: Writing an essay involves critical thinking and analysis. By delaying the process, you miss out on the opportunity to engage deeply with the subject matter, critically evaluate sources, and develop nuanced perspectives.

4. Constructive Feedback: Submitting your essay ahead of time allows you to seek feedback from peers, professors, or writing tutors. Incorporating constructive feedback enhances your essay's overall coherence, clarity, and persuasiveness.

5. Minimize Stress: Last-minute writing induces unnecessary stress. Stress can impair your cognitive functions, hinder creativity, and lead to a rushed and subpar essay. By starting early, you alleviate this stress and ensure a calmer and more focused writing process.

6. Effective Revision: Delaying writing leaves minimal time for revisions and edits. Effective revision is essential for identifying and rectifying errors, improving sentence structure, and refining the overall coherence of your essay.

7. Intellectual Growth: Writing essays promotes intellectual growth by encouraging deep engagement with ideas. By avoiding procrastination, you provide yourself with the opportunity to immerse in the subject, develop your critical thinking skills, and expand your knowledge base.

In conclusion, the decision to start early on your essay writing endeavor stems from a commitment to academic excellence and personal growth. By allocating sufficient time for research, critical thinking, drafting, and revising, you ensure the creation of a well-crafted essay that showcases your understanding and dedication. Embracing timely essay writing not only leads to better academic outcomes but also fosters important skills like time management, critical analysis, and effective communication. The essay-writing process becomes a vehicle for personal and academic development, allowing you to cultivate skills that will serve you well throughout your educational journey and beyond.



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